We know you have lots of questions, so hopefully we have covered a bit of ground already with some of these that are frequently asked. If there’s anything we have missed, be sure to give us a call or drop us a line via our contact page.

At what stage should I contact a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is available to help you at any stage of the wedding planning process.  In a perfect world, you would contact one as soon as you are about to start the planning process, but there is no right or wrong.  Some people want help with the whole process, others just need a gentle nudge in the right direction at the start, while others just want a professional taking care of things on the day.  Whatever suits you and your plans, we are here to help you at whatever point you decide to ask.

I’m on a budget, can you still help me?

First of all it’s great to hear you have a budget!  That’s the first step in managing the planning process of any event so you are on the right track already!  And yes we can still help you – you decide how much or how little of our help you need and we plan a cost/package to suit that budget.  Don’t be afraid to ask –  you are more than likely to be pleasantly surprised at the cost of using a wedding planner vs spending the time wading through an industry that may not be your area of expertise.

Why hire a wedding/event planner?

There are a multitude of great reasons why you should hire a professional to take care of your special event, but here are a few of the common reasons:

  • It’s your big day so you deserve everything to be as perfect as you dreamed it to be
  • You want the planning process to be fun, not painful or stressful
  • You need help sticking to a budget
  • You want the best possible suppliers for your event and don’t want to waste time (or money) trying to work out who that might be
  • You don’t want to be worrying about the little details on the day like who needs to be paid, who has to speak next, have you forgotten anything and so on
  • You and your partner work and don’t want the planning to consume all the free hours you have
  • You have great ideas but you just aren’t sure how to turn them into reality
  • You are having a wedding somewhere away from where you live and don’t have anyone there to arrange it for you
  • You are trying to please everyone and it is stressing you out